Politics And Karmic Consequences

Politics can be a taboo word in many circles and has the power to destroy friendships and cause rifts in families, but one cannot escape it for it defines the guidelines for which humans must exist on the physical plane. One can try to ignore it, or have as little to do with it as possible, but it is essential to accept it, and perhaps use it to help garner changes in humanity. Many spiritual sites, and forums ban any discussion of politics (but they allow religion!), but politics is the foundation of society and is what defines each culture, and during a human incarnation each of us bears some responsibility to play in the process of how humanity develops.

We can vote, and protest for change, but one must do it wisely, while respecting others beliefs. The recent US election has brought out the dirty and nasty side of humanity with name calling and accusations, which are hardly spiritual. Maybe some of the things were true, but one is innocent until proven guilty. From what I could see it was Trump making accusations, and Clinton who defended herself. The question I raise here is one of Karma—will those who consciously deceived and who manipulated others generate adverse Karma. There is no doubt the answer is ‘yes’ and for Trump the karmic debt is increasing.

If we take a look at how each candidate behaved, and acted or reacted it can indicate what levels of Karma were generated, and that too of their supporters. Clinton accused Trump of avoiding taxes, and not paying contractors; there is evidence of both from multiple sources, and while the tax issue could be rectified with Trump releasing his return, his lawyer has advised him not to. Trump, on the other hand accuses Clinton of ‘treason’ for using a non-state server for her emails while she was Secretary of State, and then brings up her husbands past affairs. Neither is news; she is running for office and not her husband, and the case regarding the emails was settled and concluded there was no criminal activity, but was within the guidelines at the time. You have an attacker and defender. Trump, as the attacker is amassing karmic debt at an alarming rate, and I am surprised Spirit is allowing this much to be generated as that Soul will take multiple (I would say millions) incarnations to repay the debt being amassed.

Now, if you are a Trump supporter you may disagree, but the simple fact is there is evidence of his less than acceptable behavior towards others, and that he has cheated people out of money. You can’t dispute the facts, and by defending someone you enable them and thus with a loss of integrity comes a low level of adverse karma. Why you may ask? If you consciously enable another to gain at the expense of another, you generate bystander adverse karma—when one doesn’t intervene or support another in the pursuit of justice. The recent case where Trump has settled out of court $25 million to the people he defrauded for a fake University speaks for itself. Again, this is a karmic issue, but he paid only to prevent a conviction which would then prevent him from taking office as the President, and not because he was remorseful. Karma is rebalanced from intent as well as actions, and the idea is to learn from it and not do it again. As Trump has not apologized and settled as a convenience, that karmic debt remains. Is there any karmic debt generated for those who chose to settle the suit? While if they hadn’t settled, it may have led to a criminal conviction and thus prevented more people from being victims of fraud (and prevented Trump from taking office). Did these victims have a greater responsibility to humanity in these cases? That is not for me to answer, but they had a path to choose and if Trump hadn’t been made President-Elect it is doubtful he would have settled out of court.

What inspired me or rather urged me to write this piece was when I saw the amount of hate and negativity on social media aimed at people merely expressing their opinions in a non-hostile way. Celebrities alike have been attacked and bullied on their own accounts when they expressed their fears of a Trump government. Rather than accept another view, people have been called names, and attacked for being stupid for not supporting Trump. This creates adverse karma because it is a deliberate and conscious attack, and not a defense because it is not a direct attack that requires self-defense. Some may consider they are defending Trump, but a defense should be logical, rational, have some merit and no malice. Most of the attacks I have seen have none of the above. It’s disturbing to see a nation divided, and hate speak becoming acceptable. Has humanity sunk that low?

Spiritually it creates an excess of negativity, and hopes of world peace seem to be dashed when a nation cannot be united. Trump may or may not become the next President of the USA, even though he theoretically won the election, as the official Electoral College votes have not been cast. People say give him a chance; that’s what they said about Stalin, and Russians are still suffering more than half a century later. In life there are always paths to choose from, and perhaps the electorate made the poorer choice. Spirit does work in strange ways; perhaps the Americans need a lesson to realize they have it good, and by wanting more they find out what they had was actually okay? Perhaps Fate will intervene, and ‘faithless electors’ will correct an error and prevent what is certain to be a greater tragedy, that affects world peace and the future of humanity. As I wrote this, the Green Party leader has raised funds and called for a recount in votes where the figures didn’t tally with the data collected. Perhaps Spirit is already at work?


The Rights Of The Soul

As a historian I am always fascinated to look at the family trees of others (my own is impossible as there are no records, and any that existed were destroyed in a civil war), and see if there are any patterns, perhaps a Soul reincarnating into the same family over and over for a reason? However, we must be realistic about things, and when we do choose to reincarnate we pick out the favorite characteristics that we wish to have, and also how we look, even though that maybe genetically defined. Then the question arises as to whether descendants have any right to decide over what their ancestors may or may not wish for when something is questioned in retrospect, particularly when it involves a scandal or a dubious act. Would they want a previously unknown child to have their name, a mistress to have access to the family, or to apologize for an act on their behalf? It’s not their Soul, but on the physical plane, a descendant is considered to have some moral claim or rights by way of the bloodline, or do they? Is that something we assume or have created as a right here on the physical plane?

This issue has arisen in several cases I have looked at, and in particular the Salem Witch Trials. The descendants of the victims who were not exonerated did follow up and pursue this in the courts for their ancestors. Many felt it was their duty to dos so and as the cases were proven to be biased and unfair trials, there is no evidence to prove that any of them were witches. I am sure the Souls of those who were killed are grateful to their descendants, but what if those Souls had reincarnated themselves and not into the same family line to help the process along in any case? Wouldn’t they have more of a right to have a say in justice? Perhaps they did fight, and no one knew. Souls find a way, either through reincarnating in the family line, or in a position where they may have more of a say, maybe a journalist or a judge?

The fact is, in our prior lives we will all have had some instances where we were cruel, unkind, deceitful, unfaithful, and more than likely have harmed another physically and mentally. We need to accept that harsh truth, and that our ancestors were probably not perfect and did some bad things too. I did a reading for someone once, and suggested that the Soul whom they were trying to assist wanted to face their alcoholism, and thus they may meet people in this incarnation to learn from it. Thus by helping another Soul it could help the Soul in spirit to come to terms with the addiction as a mirroring effect. It was a plausible theory, but it also showed me that the sitter didn’t want to hear or accept that their ancestor had been an alcoholic, and thus that broke the link. At times, Souls may ask descendants to help them release adverse karma, as this is one way if they have been stuck, but a Soul must accept that their ancestors had flaws. If they don’t, they cannot assist them, and any link is usually weakened as a result.

On a personal level, when I was told in a prior life I had ordered the death of a Soul who is now a relative of mine, I didn’t want to believe I could do such a thing. However, once that memory was triggered, I knew it was true and I acknowledge that a ruthless part of me still exists. That’s the important thing to remember about past lives; we must accept the bad things we did as well as the good. As a child I was ruthless in a practical manner, but kind at the same time, and is a trait I still carry today. I don’t go around ordering people to be beheaded, but when I worked in recruitment I never hesitated to fire people who lied or I knew were lazy. That’s just being practical, and perhaps a toned down version of what I was before. I accepted I made errors in the past, and now I act with a little more empathy. I give people a chance now, but there is no second chance, and I make that clear.

Recently, an alleged ancestor of Alexander Hamilton wrote a response regarding the Broadway show Hamilton: An American Musical, condemning it and threatening to sue for defamation (you can’t sue for defamation of a deceased person!). However, another descendant wrote that they enjoyed the show and thought it was excellent. The simple fact is that no one truly knows what Alexander Hamilton would have thought, but the descendant who claimed to want to sue for defamation to protect the family reputation is very misguided and ill informed if they are an actual descendant (it’s only defamation if it can be proven to be untrue, and it can’t because Hamilton admitted he had an affair). Often people wish to put their ancestors on a pedestal, but there will be unknown skeletons that have been buried, and humans are naturally flawed. A descendant has a right to express an opinion like each of us, but no right to determine what their ancestor would have thought, or what action they would wish to take unless it is exoneration. Having read a considerable amount on Alexander Hamilton, most people agree that he would have been honored to have a show in his name, and as a fighter for justice and rights, he may well have suggested that the stage be used as a platform to express the current concerns that the Americans face. The play honors and celebrates Alexander Hamilton’s life and highlights the problems he faced, and with all heroes, there will be character flaws, and Hamilton was human.

Theoretically the Soul has the right to protect its own reputation, and if need be a way will be found; perhaps reincarnating as a lawyer, or maybe in a position of power that can rebalance any injustice from a prior life. Alexander Hamilton was an extraordinary man who overcame many things in life from having no named father, and then becoming an orphan. He had probably seen many injustices, and the kindness of others helped him gain an education, where he as a lawyer helped Loyalists, the very people who were against the Union. I feel the strength of his reputation and honor of his character speaks for itself still to this day, and he simply doesn’t need any of his descendants to speak on his behalf.

The Soul always retains the rights to decide how they wish to address an incident or event, but that may not be so clear to see for all. Descendants have limited rights on the physical plane, and in Hamilton’s case there are hundreds if not thousands of descendants by now, and which one has the right of any at all? The person who posted on Reddit appeared quite right winged, and while people harp on about the Sedition Act that Hamilton signed, as a historian one must look at what context it was signed in, and it was an era where immigration was not controlled (unlike today where you must apply), and thus they needed some means to expel troublemakers. One can defend their ancestors, but can one be impartial? Can the descendants of Hitler or Stalin defend their ancestors in any way that a sane, logical and rational person would accept?


What Is An Altruistic Incarnation?

An altruistic incarnation is one of the hardest things to discuss and to understand. Why would any same Soul volunteer to be abused, murdered, or harmed in an incarnation to help another Soul to learn? Many people don’t understand this concept or even believe it, and I don’t discuss or write about this in detail because people still see it as an injustice,  wrong, and a flawed concept.  This separates those who can see the Soul journey as eternal, and those that see an incarnation as a one off event. Altruistic incarnations can be solely altruistic, or form part of an incarnation. That’s when people get confused and disillusioned with spirituality and humanity. The concept that if a good person does kind things, they shouldn’t be harmed is flawed. One must ask who decides what is good, because good doesn’t always mean moral or ethical. For example, Alan Turing and his team cracked the Enigma Code during WWII, but they chose which information to act on, so was that ethical to choose who would live or die, even though it was the right thing to do? While we may never fully understand why certain events happen at the time, free will allows the Soul to choose, and that is how the Soul learns.

Each Soul accepts the altruistic role before an incarnation, and this is discussed with all the Guides beforehand to ensure that the Soul can cope. This role is offered to the Mature and Old Soul only, as they will be more experienced and can heal faster if there is trauma. The purpose of these kinds of incarnations is to help others learn their lessons. Now, that may well be all good on the spiritual plane, but what does it say for the actions of humans? How can a child being beaten, or a spouse being murdered help others to learn their lessons?

Each action is a conscious choice, and each Soul must face the consequences of those choices. That is the lesson, in that they exercised their free will to enact a bad deed. It is the Soul that opts to follow the poor choice, and in doing so generates adverse karma, and must learn harsh lessons from it. Why did the husband beat the wife? To gain control, from ego, to make themselves feel better? These are the harsh lessons each of us must learn to face.

Altruistic incarnations are difficult, and that’s why often the Soul will not recall agreeing to the role. The bigger picture is that they have selflessly volunteered to assist others with their Soul Goals (and will evolve faster), and some will find their own lives a little empty. If they cannot achieve what they wish and encounter obstacles, it’s because their primary role has not been completed, which can frustrate them. This may occur in situations where there is a disability such as deafness, blindness, or a long-term illness as they serve as the means for others to learn their lessons. In some ways they are like an open target or bait, and other Souls must choose what to do. People tend to ask how and why could this happen, and it may well be because it helps others around them with their Soul Goals. For example, in a family one child is blind, and it creates an opportunity for other members of the family or learn lessons of empathy, patience, kindness, and not to judge others on their appearances. Each member has a choice of how to act or to assist, and that is the role of the altruistic incarnation.

Bad things happen to good people too, and life isn’t about being fair—it’s about growing and learning. I know for some these words may sound idealistic, but think about the situations where you could have helped someone, but you chose not to, or you helped in the way you wanted to and not what they needed. These situations arise to help us to grow subconsciously, and once you realize this, then you can stop and think about why and how you make your choices in life and how it may affect others. Those who volunteer to assist with altruistic incarnations may not understand why things are happening at the time, but will once they transition.

©2016. S. T. Alvyn.





Conquering The Comfort Zone

How do you know what your comfort zone is, and why do we prefer to stay in it? If you think about it, as babies we have no comfort zone and we learn through trial and error. Only then do we know what is safe and familiar, and what can be deemed dangerous. In order for the Soul to evolve it must step outside its comfort zone, but consciously doing it versus having no option but to do so are very different mindsets.

Is it foolhardy to deliberately face the unknown, or is it being brave? At times we must challenge ourselves, otherwise we don’t learn and we get bored and complacent. It doesn’t mean we should head out and do things without any preparation or thought, but to willingly look at other options.

Being outside of your comfort zone is inevitably uncomfortable, but you won’t know until you try. At times it will be scary, and things won’t work out, but on the other hand you will find that you can cope and it’s okay. I don’t like camping, in fact I am a dreadful camper, but I hadn’t really tried it, so I decided to be brave and to go on a camping trip. I hated it, and was miserable and did the best I could. In the end I know I survived, and that I could do it again, but only if I had to. You can’t know how you will respond unless you have had first hand experience. The same is with skating; it’s outside of my comfort zone and I prefer land. That’s not to say I haven’t tried, because I have, and one day I will brave enough to try it again.

Choosing the safe option seems logical, sane and sensible, but do you ever grow? That is the point of an incarnation and life, to try things that may not work out. Perhaps changing career is too scary, or moving to another area is something you’d rather not do. Think about it—it happens to millions of people each day, some through choice and others through circumstances beyond their control. Either way, people will have to face things and make it work. Staying in a comfort zone is not a bad thing, but if you resist growth and never leave it, you will have to do it one day, so isn’t it better to take a step out every now and then and see what happens?

©2016. S.T. Alvyn.


Keeping The Spiritual Ego In Check

When one sees and hears the word spiritual, immediately it is associated with the words kind, humble, caring, cult, religious, and magical. However, ego and arrogance is rarely used, because surely a truly spiritual person couldn’t be egotistic or arrogant? Sadly, there are some with those traits, and the number is on the increase with the widespread use of social media and the illusion of self-importance with made up titles and labels. The problem lies in people forgetting what spiritualism is really about, and get caught up commercializing their name and creating a brand, and with it all kinds of services. Now, some of these services are helpful and are created in order to help others, but many not only prey on vulnerable people looking for guidance, but also it stems from an inflated self-belief that they can justify what they are doing as a ‘fair exchange’ of goods and services. Quite simply, praise and popularity goes to their head and they believe the hype.

So what can be considered to be egotistical or arrogant? Is there an invisible line that can be crossed? I find one should be wary when they encounter those who  believe that only they are right and others are wrong, and when people are charged excessive fees for services that may not have an outcome. I recently saw on a Facebook post a friend shared that she recommended a spiritual coach who was charging £1000 a month to have access to her via Skype. How does someone decide their time is worth that much, with no actual defined service? Books, and even videos can be helpful as people can choose what they wish to believe, however, it depends on the tone—whether it s inspirational or delivered with a biased dictatorial tone. Modesty is golden, and if someone is not respectful or open to alternate theories of say reincarnation, then how can that be considered spiritual?

I have met some spiritually egotistical people, and regrettably they do give spirituality a bad name. I also saw a job description to be an assistant for a spiritual mentor and trainer (as she calls herself) and the job was hardly spiritual at all, but was really a marketing job to be done as and when needed. It was all about promoting the website, answering queries on the courses, processing payments, and to post on social media new blog posts. The site had some useful information, but was full of click and bait headings, and I’ll be frank here—you can’t just pay for a course to learn how to be psychic and to channel Spirit. Anyone who offers those types of courses are not spiritual. I have seen Shamans offer mentoring to those whom they choose for free, and that’s how it ought to be. Simply put, you cannot put a price on spirituality, and if you do, then that’s not spiritual.

In some spiritual centers, whether they be churches, learning centers, or retreats this is where egotism can breed where people feed off the praises of others. I have worked in and visited such places, and there was a minority that believes the hype and rhetoric of what is written in their profiles. My faith was restored when I met several well-known spiritual writers and names who were humble and modest—some had groupie followings and one even had a PA, but remained very grounded when I had any dealings (Jean Houston, Ray Moody, and Stan Krippner). The same could not be said of the center, or others. Instead they had an air of arrogance in what they stood for. Ultimately, the end result is always about money because without it they cannot continue or exist, and it’s more of a business than a vocation.

It saddens me when spiritualism is so commercialized, which is why I choose to have no adverts on my sites except for my own books, which I offer for free. More importantly one should also know when to stand aside when people have a different view of spiritualism or a belief that differs rather than to argue—discussion is good, but when one side refuses to accept that there are other perspectives, then that becomes spiritually arrogant.

I recently encountered someone (who I now ignore) who purported on an open chat room that they used magic to keep themselves looking young. I merely asked them if they considered that personal gain, and they replied they had that right and control to use magic and boasted about their appearance. My response, in an attempt to signify to others that using magic for personal gain is not ethical, mentioned that there are consequences and that I had seen them first hand. The arrogant reply was, ‘They must have been lousy at magic,’ at which point the full force of the ego was shown. Anyone with spiritual or magickal gifts knows the unspoken responsibilities of using their powers and gifts (or they learn through consequences). For once the ego steps over the boundaries, consequences will arise.

Learn to listen respectfully, even if the person is misguided and present why your belief is credible, be modest when praise is offered and don’t allow it to make you believe you are above others or more ‘advanced’, and remember we are all equal—it’s not what we say and how we say it, but also how we project ourselves to others that matters. Integrity, honesty, and humility are the traits of the truly spiritual.

©2016. S. T. Alvyn.