Some Ancient Soul Musings

The start of a New Year usually is a relief to many when we see all the predictable ads for gyms, and the stores laden with fitness gadgets, yet people still buy into it! This year I feel will be unsettled, and while we leave behind 2016; a year with a high death count of the well-known, I see that as a mere taster for what is to come. People die, we know that, and the sheer volume of well-known deaths in the past year reminds us that life is transient and death is inevitable. One always wonders whether the Souls concerned had achieved all their goals, or that the ones they were seeking were not longer possible.

One of the best things that has happened is my reconnection with an old spiritual friend, whom I hope will share some of her amazing art work and thoughts here. She was around when I was reawakening, and we’ve been through some tough times together and supported one another. I’ve also been reminded with my recent charge, that we can’t save everyone, and even when lessons are obvious to a Lightworker, it’s not apparent to the charge. I decided to spell out the lesson, and then asked my charge last night if she had learned. She agreed I was right, but said she hadn’t learned her lesson. At that point I stated that it was pointless helping someone if they are not willing to learn, phrased as a rhetorical question. Today the charge is in hospital, and maybe then they will see the importance of learning, rather than seeing her actions as juvenile determination (she is 67, but physical age has no bearing on Soul Age). My words may have been cruel in the eyes of some, but honest and direct; I told her she doesn’t have a broken leg that can be healed, but a deteriorating terminal illness and that she needs to take responsibility and accept that.

As an Ancient Soul, it can be frustrating watching and listening to others make errors that can be avoided. While some ask for advice, the problem is you can’t tell people what they need to discover through experience. How can you know that love can lead to heartbreak when you have never truly experienced it, or how it feels or how to react when someone has betrayed you? No book or agony aunt can tell you how to feel, but can advise you on your options. On a spiritual forum that I sometimes frequent, I have noticed more arrogant members and egotistical posts, and indeed the admins seem to carry that same attitude. It does concern me that people behave in such a manner and think it’s normal or acceptable, but it reminds me that each Soul learns in their own way and at their own pace. It is best to ignore those who are not ready to listen or seek help; what they consider to be help is not usually the help that is offered. Assistance comes in many forms, but those who want short cut answers will be oblivious to what is in front of them. No one is entitled to help, but some assume they have a right to it. Help is offered as and when, and if that person feels the other will benefit. Just because I know and can help, doesn’t mean that I must or will. That is called discernment and free will, as well as being sensible. Why would I wish to help someone who is rude and disrespectful, because all it does is feed their ego, which doesn’t help with their soul growth and takes up my time and energy?

Spiritualism appears to be more commercial as people look for answers, reasons, and blame for why things have happened. Often these people who are dissatisfied with their lot and need someone or something to blame, and spiritualism is not the answer. Many don’t wish to hear things unless it suits them, therefore, why do they ask the question if they don’t want to hear the answer? I always say, don’t ask unless you are ready and prepared to hear the truth. However, reading what many consider to be normal allows me to respond to their behaviors in my own writings, and reminds me that there are many folks who assume they are spiritual (because they have read a few books and can quote others), and perhaps they are in their own minds. The Spiritual Path doesn’t always reveal answers, but it enables one to ask the right questions.

My own path is a little weary, and while I see the world in disarray, the USA is about to validate a dangerous and unworthy leader. Power can be dangerous, and while many people adopt the ‘let’s wait and see’ approach and hope to be surprised, the wise will look at damage limitation. Right now, Narnia seems to be a better place to be. Humanity seems to make the same mistakes over and over again, and isn’t learning…

Are We “Poor Players” On A Stage Called Earth?

William Shakespeare’s famous line from Macbeth has always resonated with me since I read the Scottish play at school.

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more…”

I recall my English teacher interpreting it to us and it made me think about life, and that yes, we are all shadows, then die. However, the part we can debate is whether we are mere actors on a stage called Earth—is a power or someone directing, or guiding us, or like a play, has everything been scripted already? One may improvise, but as any actor knows, if you go off script too often you get reigned in. What if the script doesn’t work out, then another replaces it, or if you have a poor director and everyone gets lost?

Many of us believe in freedom and that free will exists, but does it really? Societal rules that have been created are blindly followed without question, so we are all puppets, or actors being controlled either by the laws of society (go to college, get a job, get married, and then save for a pension) and guided by The Powers That Be. You may not want to believe in the laws of Fate or Destiny, and they can’t be explained, but they are a very possible theory. That doesn’t mean we should sit and wait to see what happens, but much depends on how much you decide to actively participate. Nothing will be perfect, as the outcome may have been predestined for a reason against all odds. When the outcome isn’t so pleasant we can question things as to why they had turned out so, but even when things are perfectly planned, the outcome can never be guaranteed.

No amount of wealth, personality, status, or education can predict an outcome. As ‘players’ on Earth we act out our scripted scenarios. Life isn’t a rehearsal though, but scenes can get repeated, or there maybe some heavy deviation from the script and other players either abandon the script or it gets rewritten. We, as Souls in a human form should accept that at times we are actors, that support others learning their lessons, or that our script has been written for a good reason (but we just don’t know those reasons and the outcome), and not get angry (or try not to) when things don’t go according to plan. I used to get frustrated when plans didn’t work out, even when there was no logical reason for them not to. Planning things down to the most meticulous detail doesn’t ensure perfection, although one can strive for it. Even then, consider that was the plan all along.

As Souls we used our free will to be incarnated for a reason, but that free will is curtailed on Earth with boundaries for reasons. Once you realize this then you may begin to see the reasons why more clearly, but if you are angry or frustrated they won’t be visible. It’s not easy to have blind acceptance, and I feel a small amount of skepticism is still healthy, because if you don’t question things, then you won’t find the answers you seek. Despite human nature yearning for control, humanity should realize there are greater powers out there that allow us limited control—we may not see them, but they exist like Mother Nature. We cannot control Nature, yet humans use their free will to destroy it and in turn Nature replies. One may deny this, but when scientists cannot explain natural disasters such as a tsunami, earthquakes, avalanches, or tornadoes (because not all things can be predicted or explained) then one can conclude that there are greater unexplained powers in the Universe that do control things, and there is nothing we can do except respect this fact, and that the human free will has boundaries. Each of us can plays a part, but when our script is finished, then we either write a new one, or opt to watch other players on the stage called Earth.

Do we ever know how the script ends or when the final curtain drops? Some scripts get rewritten as they go along, and others get culled. Spiritually we are still puppets, that enact what was planned, and our Guides act as Directors, but do we always listen to them or disagree?

©2016. S. T. Alvyn.

The Peaks of Potential: Deciphering The Soul Blueprint

Each of us chooses the time and date of an incarnation; hidden within the numbers is the blueprint of the Soul Goals and Purposes that have been planned. It’s not as simple as reading your sun sign in the daily newspaper—it goes deeper, through analyzing a birth chart, where the houses were at the time of birth, if any planets were retrograde, the position of the moon, and the ascendant. Coupled with the peaks of potential, based on Pythagorean calculations, the numbers associated with the birth date can reveal what Soul Goals were planned, and also the Soul Age.

Each of us incarnates to learn, therefore, for each goal, the Soul has a planned peak where there is the potential for the goal to be realized. Each person has four peaks (from the ages 25-61 depending on the ruling number, calculated by adding up the numbers in the date of birth), with a gap of nine-years between each peak. An example would be a person with the ruling number 2, who would have a peak at 34, 43, 52 and the final peak at 61 years of age. By understanding and calculating the peaks of potential, one can see what goals have been planned and when, what the Soul Purpose was, and whether some goals had been repeated. A peak year is the optimal time to achieve a goal that may have been progressing steadily, but forces may play a part in assisting the Soul to achieve the goal.

An intensive analysis of the astrological birth chart can highlight strengths and traits that will help achieve certain goals. For example, Mars is the planet of strength and ambition, so whatever house is in the chart can influence the personality and abilities in the incarnation. Someone with Mars in the 4th house will be geared towards the family, whereas someone with Mars in the 1st house will be an independent leader. When there are empty houses—that means those lessons are not relevant in the incarnation. Many spiritual people (or what some term indigo) tend to have their houses all in one sector and less than six, because they have specific goals. This is also common among Old Souls who have only a few goals to concentrate on.

In my own case I have no houses in:

  • 2 (possessions)
  • 4 (roots)
  • 6 (work and routine)
  • 7 (relationships)
  • 8 (death and loss)
  • 11(adaption to society)

This is because I have specific things to focus on in this incarnation, and that is the case for most Old Souls. This indicates these issues have already been learned, and are not the focus of the incarnation or necessary. It’s quite true that I have few friends, I’m not materialistic, I have been freelance most of my life, I don’t have strong family ties, and I have always been very grounded and realistic about humanity and society. These allow me to follow my vocation without distractions.

A chart with many different houses usually indicates a Young Soul that has everything to learn. If a chart has multiple houses, then that indicates that it is an important Soul Goal, and one that may have been repeated. I have multiple houses in 5 (creativity), 9 (philosophy, traveling, and spirituality), and 10 (vocation), which are areas that are prominent in this incarnation. These are blueprints, therefore the Soul may still divert from these plans, or they may lay dormant. The Soul may feel drawn to these traits or Fate will endeavor to make them more significant.

Here is a an example; a person with a ruling number of 9 has (peaks calculated by the date of birth) the peak years of:

  • 1st peak number 9 aged 27
  • 2nd peak number 4 aged 36
  • 3rd peak number 4 aged 45
  • 4th peak number 5 aged 54

You can see the numbers 9 and 4 are prominent, and doubled up indicate they are important Soul lessons for the incarnation. The numbers 9 indicate the end of a phase, so here is a Mature Soul who is in the latter parts of the stage. The double 4 peak is to provide stability and strength that will be needed to move to the Old Soul stage. In this person’s astrological chart they have multiple houses in 3,4 and 11, and no houses in 2,7,8,9,10.

By focusing on the multiple houses, we can see that 3 (communication), 4 (roots and stability, and 11 (how we relate and adapt to society) are the key Soul Goals. The number 4 is prominent in both calculations, and indicates that stability and roots is something that the Soul needs and must focus on. These are personal goals, rather than vocational goals, so each incarnation does have a plan, but we don’t always follow it. In this case that is why the peaks were doubled up, so as to give the Soul the best opportunity to achieve this goal. Often when I see a double peak, it is also a repeated goal, and the Soul may experience déjà vu, and have the same Soul Group members around to help achieve this goal.

A Soul blueprint helps us to understand our incarnation, and maps out what has been planned. The blueprint gives the Soul the potential to achieve, and there is an amount of free will that will determine when events will transpire. In my own case, the traits do tally, but timings are subject to external factors as well as the personal acceptance of events. Events around the peaks can vary either side by a year, or if a goal is achieved ahead of time, then the peaks will move forward. If a goal isn’t achieved, then it’s possible it will be repeated in the same incarnation, or a subsequent one. The Higher Self and Guides are also privy to the plans. However, plans by their definition are never guaranteed—some work out, and most times are partially achieved. Once we know how to discover and read the plans, it can help us figure out what the aims of the expedition are in each incarnation. Then we know why certain things may have occurred, and how our destinies have been shaped. All these plans are also housed in the Akashic Records, where access is possible, but is limited to what the Soul needs to know.

©S.T. Alvyn. 2015

What Is A Soul?

A Soul is the energy force within us that is eternal. During each incarnation it grows through experiences; both good and bad and it evolves. It’s what makes us live rather than exist on the physical plane and when the Soul returns to the Spiritual Realm, it then prepares for another expedition, building on what it has learned.

Each one of us has a Soul, but most of us don’t understand what it is or how to take care of it. It needs looking after, just as you need to look after your body. You know how to brush your teeth to keep them healthy otherwise they will rot, and how to keep your body in shape with a balanced diet, but what of the Soul? What happens if you don’t look after your Soul? First you have to understand and listen to your Soul; if it needs healing, then you will know what to do.

Souls can and do get damaged through anger, betrayal and loss. Any number of negative reactions or actions like guilt can lead to slow or stunted slow growth called blockages. Once you realize what they are and accept them, then you are on your way to removing them. The Soul is eternal; take care of it and it will lead to a successful expedition where Soul goals and Soul Purposes can be achieved.

© 2015. S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.