Some Ancient Soul Musings

The start of a New Year usually is a relief to many when we see all the predictable ads for gyms, and the stores laden with fitness gadgets, yet people still buy into it! This year I feel will be unsettled, and while we leave behind 2016; a year with a high death count of the well-known, I see that as a mere taster for what is to come. People die, we know that, and the sheer volume of well-known deaths in the past year reminds us that life is transient and death is inevitable. One always wonders whether the Souls concerned had achieved all their goals, or that the ones they were seeking were not longer possible.

One of the best things that has happened is my reconnection with an old spiritual friend, whom I hope will share some of her amazing art work and thoughts here. She was around when I was reawakening, and we’ve been through some tough times together and supported one another. I’ve also been reminded with my recent charge, that we can’t save everyone, and even when lessons are obvious to a Lightworker, it’s not apparent to the charge. I decided to spell out the lesson, and then asked my charge last night if she had learned. She agreed I was right, but said she hadn’t learned her lesson. At that point I stated that it was pointless helping someone if they are not willing to learn, phrased as a rhetorical question. Today the charge is in hospital, and maybe then they will see the importance of learning, rather than seeing her actions as juvenile determination (she is 67, but physical age has no bearing on Soul Age). My words may have been cruel in the eyes of some, but honest and direct; I told her she doesn’t have a broken leg that can be healed, but a deteriorating terminal illness and that she needs to take responsibility and accept that.

As an Ancient Soul, it can be frustrating watching and listening to others make errors that can be avoided. While some ask for advice, the problem is you can’t tell people what they need to discover through experience. How can you know that love can lead to heartbreak when you have never truly experienced it, or how it feels or how to react when someone has betrayed you? No book or agony aunt can tell you how to feel, but can advise you on your options. On a spiritual forum that I sometimes frequent, I have noticed more arrogant members and egotistical posts, and indeed the admins seem to carry that same attitude. It does concern me that people behave in such a manner and think it’s normal or acceptable, but it reminds me that each Soul learns in their own way and at their own pace. It is best to ignore those who are not ready to listen or seek help; what they consider to be help is not usually the help that is offered. Assistance comes in many forms, but those who want short cut answers will be oblivious to what is in front of them. No one is entitled to help, but some assume they have a right to it. Help is offered as and when, and if that person feels the other will benefit. Just because I know and can help, doesn’t mean that I must or will. That is called discernment and free will, as well as being sensible. Why would I wish to help someone who is rude and disrespectful, because all it does is feed their ego, which doesn’t help with their soul growth and takes up my time and energy?

Spiritualism appears to be more commercial as people look for answers, reasons, and blame for why things have happened. Often these people who are dissatisfied with their lot and need someone or something to blame, and spiritualism is not the answer. Many don’t wish to hear things unless it suits them, therefore, why do they ask the question if they don’t want to hear the answer? I always say, don’t ask unless you are ready and prepared to hear the truth. However, reading what many consider to be normal allows me to respond to their behaviors in my own writings, and reminds me that there are many folks who assume they are spiritual (because they have read a few books and can quote others), and perhaps they are in their own minds. The Spiritual Path doesn’t always reveal answers, but it enables one to ask the right questions.

My own path is a little weary, and while I see the world in disarray, the USA is about to validate a dangerous and unworthy leader. Power can be dangerous, and while many people adopt the ‘let’s wait and see’ approach and hope to be surprised, the wise will look at damage limitation. Right now, Narnia seems to be a better place to be. Humanity seems to make the same mistakes over and over again, and isn’t learning…

Sensitivity To Negativity

When I first heard the term Sensitive I didn’t really understand it and thought it was an insult when someone called me a Sensitive. In fact it was an acknowledgment of a gift. People assume it means someone who is weak, or who is easily hurt, but spiritually it means someone who is sensitive to the other realms and dimensions around them—that they can hear, see, and feel things that others cannot. Positive and negative energies surrounds us at all times, and often we can choose to ignore the negative, but when it’s extreme it can feel like a sudden sting. To a Sensitive it can hit them like a sudden minus temperature frost on the face (or a mosquito bite), while positive energy brings with it an aura of calm and serenity like a morning ray of sunshine. As humans one can only react accordingly.

I was having a reading, one that was eye opening when the reader exclaimed that I was extremely sensitive. When you don’t have spiritual friends or read lots of books, you don’t always know the jargon for certain things, but I gathered what was meant by the intonation of my reader’s voice, but I still didn’t fully understand the importance of it all until much later. I naturally assumed all people have these senses, and some just choose not to use them.

There is no guidebook on how to figure out how to control or block your sensitivity; it’s a case of learning as you go and choosing your own boundaries. It’s hard to try and explain what sensitivity is or feels like when it’s something you just know, but is more than intuition. We can use our intuition to decide what is right or wrong, where our Guides can also help out. As a Sensitive you are aware of all around you whether you want to know or not. Naturally you can learn to block negativity, but you will still have that initial sense before making that choice. What does it feel like to be a Sensitive? Basically, you automatically sense and can differentiate between the positive and negative energies around you, be it a Soul, place, or object. Some can also see and hear messages without any prompting at random times, even when they are not for themselves. Being a Sensitive can be scary, tiring, and and also confusing at times. It’s a gift, but one that isn’t what all the books make it out to be.

Often that sensitivity can lead you to say and do things as a knee jerk reaction unintentionally, or they can elicit emotional responses that may seem out of character. As my sensitivity grows, I have had to be more aware of how to react. Of course, a Sensitive can sense good and kind people, but when faced with negative and dark people that is more challenging. They will also sense that you will have power and know what they are hiding, and to them that is a threat—that someone knows what lies beneath the mask.

It’s for that reason, many Sensitives prefer to be alone, or choose their company with great care, and not only because a negative person may try and absorb their power, but because seeing the truth can be tiring and unpleasant. Recently, I’ve encountered more subtle negative issues, especially in regards to items that are secondhand or that have been given as gifts. I love secondhand clothes and books, but am very wary of the energies that they carry. Once I was browsing in an antique hall, and while fascinating it was draining. I could sense when and how items had been used, so could tell the genuine from the replicas, but also if there was negative energy attached to the item.

My sibling gave me a gift; it was a book. Now, as a certified bookworm, there aren’t many books out there that people can buy for me that I would want, because I can buy them for myself. It was a book by someone who I dislike and loathe (their attitude and their beliefs), and I couldn’t help but express my angst. To top it all, it had been personally signed. Most people would be happy, but the negative energy it contained (because the author had signed it with a dedication) made it worse. I couldn’t sleep with the book in my bedroom, nor would I put it on my bookcase as it would contaminate my other books. That’s how important energy is! I ended up putting it under some old rags in the hall cupboard. I would sell it if I could to be honest to get rid of it, but it also reminded me that no one really understands me or knows me. It’s not a problem for me, as I accepted I was going to be misunderstood from childhood, therefore, I don’t expect much when people do give me gifts, but I try not to appear ungrateful.

When I have rented properties previously, I could always sense whether the landlord was going to be a problem, and if their energies would impact my own. In one case, the landlady had many artifacts—ones that carried negative energy. I never felt comfortable in the room they were displayed in, and her dogs would bark in the room for no reason. When she asked if she could use my storage unit to store items, it was on the condition that none of those artifacts would be stored. The negative energy would cling to my own belongings and transfer to me, and that is not a wise thing. I doubt many people will understand this and see this as over the top, but for those who are highly sensitive, it’s paramount to avoid negative energies attached to items if possible.

I’ve also felt negativity in hotel rooms, and I will check a room before I unpack and often will ask to change a room until I feel comfortable. On a few occasions where I have been a house guest, I have sensed negativity in the home and end up not sleeping. I’ve only realized this in hindsight, but these occurrences are fortunately in the minority. It’s the same as sleeping in the bedroom where a partner’s former lover may have slept. That energy lingers and transfers, and it’s not a wise idea if you are a Sensitive to sleep in the same room, let alone bed. An ex of mine went along with my requests, and we ended up sleeping on a sofa bed in the lounge instead of the bedroom, which then led him to move apartments. It may seem extreme, and I could never explain it, nor was I trying to be difficult, but it is a valid reason to protect your own energy, as when you are asleep, your energy is more vulnerable.

Dealing with negative people is never easy, but as you get older and wiser you have to strike a balance between saving and protecting your energy and integrity, and ensuring the other person knows to back off. Sadly, many don’t get the message and persist, which then leads to a showdown or you opting to walk away. I’ve encountered many negative Souls and they often are shocked when their charm or manipulative words don’t work. I’ve never been afraid to speak the truth, but challenging a negative person I have found can be a waste of energy, but one thing I will do is to ensure that they don’t take advantage of those who are vulnerable. Maybe that is why some of us are sensitive, so that we can protect others who aren’t, and who cannot see what is really around them?

Interpretations And Their Purpose

Being a Sensitive or Psychic isn’t a science, therefore, nothing is concrete, and because of this people tend dismiss predictions as coincidences and those who warn as charlatans. It’s for that reason that I have never charged for any advice or guidance, and so people can’t claim I am out to make money or rip people off. If anything it costs me my own time and money, and I feel that gives me the right to pick and choose whom I wish to assist or read for.

So what happens when a prediction doesn’t come to fruition or if you may have misinterpreted it? The point is, a Sensitive can only see the possibilities at the given time, and if factors occurred that created more probable options then they would not yet have existed. For instance, if someone’s actions and choices changed the possible outcomes, then new paths are created. Predictions and premonitions do not exist to make life easier, but to help others to follow the best path if they are straying. That’s why some people never need the advice of a Sensitive, because they have not strayed, and are on the correct path.

Like many, I predicted Hillary Clinton would win the US Presidential Election, so how did we get it wrong or did we? She did win the popular vote by 3 million, and I can hear others say that doesn’t count and it’s a cop out, and I for one never saw the point of the popular vote except as a means to see who really was the favorite. However, since the revelations of a foreign interference in the election by official bodies, perhaps she did win, but there is no legislation being brought forward to challenge it. It made me wonder how or why things changed, and if we look at the actions of some key players, we can see there were opportunities to halt or expose the interference, but they failed to materialize. Is it a case of individuals being tested to see if they made the right choices (Comey and members of Congress)? It’s a big price to pay when the decisions and actions of a few affect the lives of many. Did Comey’s last minute, sudden, and unfounded decision to reopen a closed case alter the possible outcomes, and what would have happened if he had left things as they were?

Interpretations are for guidance at the current time only, and like time, doesn’t stand still. What lies ahead? Are we heading for World War III? During World War II, people got used to hiding out in bunkers and air raid shelters, and today we have heavily armed police and security in buildings and on the streets to avert terrorist attacks. People carry on with their lives, but the reality is that the world is at war already, but the powers involved are playing it down. While one never wishes to be pessimistic, the honest truth is that there is a great deal of mistrust in humanity, and Donald Trump may have dishonestly won the election. If that is the case, it is up to Congress to rectify it, but will they? That is their job, but again there is corruption at the highest level, so whom can you trust? I don’t think you need to be psychic to know that society in the USA is going to remain divided, and pushed further apart despite calls for unity. Maybe The Powers That Be have allowed this to occur so that people can see the consequences of their actions or inactions?

One thing I sense is that US politics will get increasingly protracted and begin to alienate themselves from other Western countries. Alliances will be weakened, and the social and cultural aspects of America will become fractured where racism and discrimination will become rife, and worryingly ‘normal’. People who thought they would get jobs will suffer more than before as interest rates rise, but no new jobs will materialize and they can no longer blame immigrants, but themselves for supporting Trump. They will feel foolish at being taken in at his rhetoric, and hopefully learn. That is one of their lessons.

In Europe, countries will be wary of Russia, and the EU will not make Brexit easy for the UK and this will create more financial instability in the region due to this acrimonious split. The EU will make it as difficult as possible, knowing it will affect the economy, but they don’t care and want the UK to suffer. This will lead to more discontentment as other countries reconsider the value of the EU. In some ways people were glad 2016 was over, but that was just the start of the shift and 2017 is going to be even rougher. Sorry, but the best place is to be on a desert island away from it all, no wonder a record number of celebrities decided to leave in 2016.

How do I interpret the spiritual outcome of events? Key players had choices, and opportunities to question whether there was foul play in the US election. They made their choices (whether that was positive or negative for their own goals is for their consciences to decide), and perhaps it was a necessary step for those involved to learn to make the moral or selfish choice. Those who believed Trump’s rhetoric and voted for selfish reasons will learn from their mistakes, and those who could have done ‘something’ (such as those involved in a fraud case could have chosen not to settle, or to allow a recount of votes) to rectify the situation, but chose an easier path will also be accountable through Karma. In some ways this reminds us that we are connected on a human level, as each choice an individual makes for selfish reasons can affect others inadvertently. I’m often accused of being too serious, but hey, that’s what Ancient Souls are like. You can’t help it when you see Souls making the same mistakes over and over again and not get frustrated. It’s clear humanity is not learning from history, and that is a lesson it is currently learning all over again.

Are You Too Young To Be Spiritual?

At what age should spiritualism be explained or introduced to a Soul? To some people it’s seen as hokey cokey and woo woo stuff, and to others it is a way of life, or being spiritual has a meaning to them. I wasn’t brought up with spiritual people around me—religious yes, but not spiritual, and my becoming spiritual was a conscious choice I made around my mid-thirties.

However, it wasn’t as if I suddenly decided I was going to be spiritual overnight. That isn’t to say that I didn’t have spiritual experiences from an early age, because I did—I just didn’t understand them. It was a slow and gradual process, where I faced doubts and challenges until things started to form a picture that made sense only to me. I do have concerns over new Souls that are introduced to spirituality and a spiritual way of life too early on, and not being given a choice to follow that path. There is a difference between being shown a spiritual way, and only knowing a spiritual way of life. Each of us should make a conscious decision and understand the implications of what spirituality entails before we accept it as a way of life. Of course people do dabble in spirituality, and follow some beliefs and not others, and while that can lead to a spiritual path, it is still a choice.

It also depends on what you define as spiritual. People who use tarot cards, runes, numerology, astrology, or meditation may see that as spiritual, and the media may classify it as such. I don’t see the need to classify, and I know people who meditate and who follow astrology that aren’t particularly spiritual in my opinion. I’ve spoken to some people who told me they were brought up surrounded by spirituality due to a parent being a tarot card reader or psychic, but is that right to expect a child to accept your beliefs and chosen way of life? Shouldn’t it be a choice each person makes when they have the facts available to them? Some of them consider this to be helpful and feel they are more spiritually experienced, but have they really chosen or not?

In hindsight, if someone explained to me what spirituality was, what the things I saw were, or that my Soul was a reincarnation of another Soul as a five-year-old, would it have helped or hindered me? I can only speak from my own experience, and I don’t think it would have been fair on my growth or the innocence of my childhood. Spirituality is a serious topic and not one that a child can fully grasp, even if they have intuitive gifts. Perhaps having someone to guide them rather than to expect them to be spiritual is a better way to do things? Somehow I knew what I saw, heard, and felt was something not to be discussed, and it was for me to discover—it was my journey, and I had to choose the pace and when I wanted to embark on it, or postpone it.

I have met a couple of teenagers who I knew were spiritual, yet I chose not to say too much to them because they needed to discover things for themselves. Becoming spiritual at a young physical age can cause damage and confusion when one hasn’t experienced things, or grows to expect things through manifestation or other means. Spirituality owes us nothing, and the general premise is that some of us have the ability to see things beyond the human perception. It’s possible, but one must remember that there are always several probable outcomes and nothing is definitive. Having too high spiritual expectations negates the spiritual path, and that is one of the problems those who are new on the path face. Mass media promotes all kind of promises, and spiritual websites tell people if they do x, y, or z then this can happen. That is simply not true, as there is a greater power out there that has already laid out the paths to choose from.

One can be old physically, yet spiritually young as they awaken later in life, or a physically young person could be brought up in a spiritual family, but not actually be spiritual at all, except on the surface. People can also be spiritual without any gifts—I have friends who are spiritual and have no gifts they are aware of or limited gifts. They tend to see themselves as less spiritual when they are not. Having a gift doesn’t automatically confer spiritual rights. In my considered opinion, it would be irresponsible to encourage a child to follow spirituality unless they need guidance with their gifts, or to expect them to follow a spiritual way of life with no choice. That moves into cult territory, and which is why people see spirituality as a cult or as brainwashing. I don’t blame them either, which is why spiritual people who are parents should not force their beliefs onto their children. It’s like a parent choosing which religion a child should follow; traditionally they follow the religion and politics of the parent, but is that fair or right? Often when children are able to understand the differences they make their own choice (or rebel) and the same should be for spiritual beliefs. Guide, don’t dictate, and allow a spiritual path to be a conscious and informed decision.

The Pain Of Soulmates And The Soul Group

I’ve recently finished reading Brida, by Paulo Coelho, and it was a timely reminder that people are often misguided in the myth that Soulmates only bring happiness and joy. I don’t believe in the concept of a single Soulmate, but that each Soul has several within the Soul Group, and that each one serves a different purpose. The novel follows the path of Brida, who is searching for her Soulmate and believes it will complete her and help her understand life. It also follows the thoughts of the Magus (one of her teachers) who is also in search of his Soulmate, and when he does find her, his lesson is to learn to let her go. This was a second chance for him; to learn from a mistake he made in his youth.

Why is it that society conditions us from a young age to find a Soulmate and to settle down? That people are conditioned into believing it is the key to happiness, and that it is an achievement? The truth is, the Soulmate concept is much more complex than settling down with a partner for life. There are so many myths as to what role a Soulmate should serve, but it’s not the rejoining of two parts of a Soul in my opinion, but is when a Soul that has been part of another Soul’s existence appears, and it feels as if they are a part of the Soul because it is so familiar. Soulmates often know how the other will feel and react, and that means that they know when they are happy (or what will make them happy) or are in pain, but also what can hurt them. In that respect it can be a dangerous power, because although we would like to think no Soulmate would deliberately wish to to harm another, it can happen subconsciously.

Many believe that love is the greatest force and power, which is why people spend money and time (on dating sites) in search of love and their Soulmate, but it’s not the answer. It can make you feel good about yourself for a while, but love isn’t consistent, and people fall in and out of love. People seem to have a need to be loved and wanted, but money can’t buy true love, although it can buy attention. People remain in relationships out of fear of being alone, or prefer a compromise where there is security; neither are based on love.

The novel deals with the issue of being in love with more than one person at a time—is that possible, and that more than one Soulmate will appear at the same time? The answer is ‘yes’ and it’s not easy to deal with. There is no easy answer—do you walk away from both, or pick the one that is practical? What I have learned is that if you love someone but your actions cause them pain, then you should let them go and walk away. In reality, it’s not easy though, but one can still love from afar. A Soulmate should still allow the other to choose their own path, even if it means loneliness and pain for the other. That is true love, and although it may seem cryptic, that’s because it’s a lesson that is so personal, one can only truly understand it when they have been faced with the situation.

I speak from experience; a Soulmate of mine would not let me go, yet he could not be with me and while he loved me, he was also inadvertently hurting me and holding back my path. I don’t feel he did it out of selfishness, and so I chose to walk away (a second time). By not letting me go, it prevented me from finding or acknowledging other Soulmates that may have crossed my path. I could not force him to be on the correct path, so I followed an alternate one of my own. Eventually he freed himself on his blocked path, and he later admitted he didn’t want to hurt me anymore than he may have done which is why he did not let me go. This was my second chance, and yet I chose to walk away again–the first time through a yearn for freedom, and the second, again for freedom of a different kind. The pull of the presence of a Soulmate can be compelling and addictive, and in that respect is a dangerous kind of power.

Soulmates can bring about great happiness and the darkest pain at the same time. Can you forgive them easily? Usually you can; he has forgiven me countless times, and I have not held grudges against him, but was disappointed in his lies even though they were to protect me from harm. That doesn’t mean the pain they create is less in anyway, or that it can be healed quickly. My advice is to not get misled into the belief that a Soulmate is the only option, or to expect too much. There can be times of shared bonding, but that they have the power to alter, and block your path when love gets confused with the expectations of the physical realm. While divorce and separations are never easy to deal with, one needs to accept it is a natural fabric of life; when people die, they will be parted eventually.

Maybe the lesson is to learn to let a Soulmate go, perhaps to experience the pain of losing love, or to learn how to cope with a forbidden love that may not be socially acceptable on the physical realm? Those are some of the other roles of a Soulmate in the Soul Group besides being a companion in an incarnation. Soulmate interactions are powerful—more powerful that the emotion and impact of love. Don’t under estimate their power and ability to change your path.