Guidance for Guides

I’m not comfortable with calling myself a Guide (and doubt I ever will be), but I guess it’s what I do subconsciously with those that cross my path. Now some people have this preconception that Guides know it all, and that nothing can touch them, but it’s not true. At times a Guide needs guidance on how to guide, but whom can they ask especially when they face frustrating situations?  They could try their Guides, but often they must figure it out themselves, and that is no easy task. Another misconception is that Guides will solve everything and sort things out—again that is not quite true. The role of a Guide is just that, to guide and assist you on the path, but not to tell you what to do if you take a wrong turning or if you don’t know which path to take. They can listen, make suggestions through asking you questions (therefore you will have answered the question yourself inadvertently), but they cannot interfere directly. This is because they will negate the impact of the Soul Lesson being learned, and in turn they will receive a reprimand like a slap on the wrist if they do. I’ve had a few slaps on the wrist and I know when to stop or hold back. However, charges rarely understand that, and I know that they won’t so I don’t try to explain it to them and they end up getting angry at me, which isn’t so great.

I’ve always loved books and one of my favorite things to do is browse second hand bookstores or goodwill shops for books. Sometimes I find some old editions, or books I have been meaning to read but never got around to. In the last week or so a few have crossed my path. In truth I was looking for Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, but a copy never surfaced. Instead I got three books for £1 which included ‘The Girl on the Train’ which was adapted in to a film I haven’t gotten around to watching, a John Grisham novel, and there were a few books by Paul Coelho. It was a trilogy made up of ‘By the River Piedra I sat Down and Wept’, ‘Veronica Decides to die’, and ‘The Devil and Miss Prym’. I was hoping to chance upon a copy of ‘The Alchemist’ in all honesty as the one I read decades ago had been a copy that had been lent to me. I also make it a habit also of not reading reviews, but to pick books based on instinct, plus I hadn’t heard of any of these books. I picked them all up, glanced at the précis and then put them all back. At first I was going to go for the first book as that makes sense, but thought it best to read the back for all of them to be fair. I’ve never been a fan of any work that has ‘devil’ in the title ever since my mother read bible stories of the devil to me as a child, so I put that back immediately. However, something drew me back to it, and as my shopping bags were heavy and it was hot, I made a snap decision to pay and get out of the store.

The books lay in a corner for a couple of weeks, and then while I was buying a charity birthday card I chanced upon ‘The Alchemist’ and was now ready to read ‘The Devil and Miss Prym’. I had no idea what the book was about and read it blind. It answered a few of the questions that had been circulating in my mind for a while, and also gave me small comfort in confirming that Guides and Angels can make mistakes, for all we can do is guide, and if the charge can’t hear or misinterprets something then we can feel as if we failed them. The themes revolve around choices and that we all have good and evil within us, but must recognize each and take control. In Bertha I saw someone who had faith, and even in the end she hoped that it would save her somehow, and it did, but not how she had hoped. You see, people may get tempted and as a Guide you cannot judge, but must allow them to see through the consequences of their actions. Naturally you want to yell at them and tell them they are harming themselves and doing the wrong thing, but it doesn’t help them as that is how they will learn.

Guidance comes to Guides when they need it, because they do need support. In addition more of my predictions have come to fruition which scares me somewhat because it makes it difficult for me to support things that I know will cause pain. However, I know I must and that is one of the burdens a Guide must live with. Since childhood I have been accused of being emotionless and I am. I have empathy, but it is logical empathy rather than emotional empathy. Is there a difference? There is, but if I need to explain it then you are still learning what the differences are and will let you find your own way to determine which is which.

It also reminded me that people will create reasons for their actions even when they know they are wrong. At first I thought I was just being too moralistic, but no, there is right and wrong, just as there is good and evil and humans are not perfect. We see temptation, but we can resist, and even if we succumb it’s never too late to stop and change our minds. The anti-heroine, Miss Prym does just that, and while she attempts to justify her thoughts and actions, we witness the very human struggle to do the right thing, but also to survive. The book crossed my path for a reason, and it reminded me that we all have choices, and that we all make mistakes too—Guides included, and that it’s okay. For no matter how good you think or feel you are, temptation (often disguised as the easy way or brushed off as no one will find out) will lurk in the background and whisper in your ear. You can ignore it, but it’s something you must learn to do, and people get confused with this and assume it’s a Guide validating an action. Guides never tell you what to do, but merely make suggestions in response to answers you give.

I’ve also had some rather direct messages in my dreams, so I suspect an old Guide (and friend) of mine is making a comeback to help me out, however, he is very cryptic (it took a year for some messages to make sense) so I will let you know when I decipher them. Guidance does come, but you still need to figure it out! The life of a Guide can be frustrating, deciphering whether messages are personal or in relation to charges. No matter how experienced you are, you still have to rely on instincts.

The Emptiness Within And Enduring Triviality

There are some of us that feel an emptiness inside at times, and we search for some meaning or purpose, to life and what surrounds us. We want to know why certain things are so, or why isn’t life fairer. I know it sounds a bit heavy, but some people have jobs to go to, or family to look after, and they don’t think about the meaning of life because they are distracted or have no time. Do we even really need to think about it, or just live it? For some it’s not important and they carry on and seek a balance of pleasure, with paying the bills; that’s life for a huge sector of society, but not for all. Yes, it maybe easier not to think about it, but that doesn’t mean that the questions will stop being asked.

While we may question the purpose of our existence, I don’t rely on God for an explanation, but look at what I wish to achieve in this incarnation. It may sound a little strange not to ask God or a Guide for an answer, but they are not supposed to give us answers, because we need to figure out that part ourselves. We don’t need things to be explained, for if we did, what lessons have we learned? I reflect upon my own incarnation thus far, and I look at the emptiness within. Others may say we should look for gratitude, and look at what we were gifted with, yet I am skeptical of this notion. Are they things that the physical realm considers gifts?

Some may say they are gifted with good health, but that is actually predetermined to an extent, and controllable on the physical plane. Souls maybe born with a disability for a reason, to help them or those around them to learn lessons. Then people can take responsibility to take care of their health, or those who are in good health may have genes that counteract that. What about those born with good looks or financial stability? Again, these are predetermined before an incarnation, so are they gifts when they were already planned? Maybe some spiritual folks will say the love of their family is a gift, but can you measure love, and can you control those around you to love you without manipulation or unconditionally? Love like trust and respect and earned and cannot be bought with actions or material objects. People try, but and it may work for a short period of time, but it’s a case of quid pro quo rather than a conscious action in most cases.

I asked myself the question, “What have I been gifted with?” and to be honest I struggled with a rational answer. In the end it has nothing to do with anything my parents have provided, or anything I have actually done. My gifts are my Soul, my brain, and my morals and ethics. None of these are things that can be bought or transferred, and are what I arrived on this earth with. I value these things more so as I see society crumbling and people around me saying and doing meaningless things, and focusing on petty matters. To them it obviously isn’t meaningless right now, but once they have transitioned they will see how trivial it all was, yet my morals, and ethics will remain with my Soul eternally.

Trivial matters govern the lives of mainly younger souls, the retired, the bored housewife, and the rich whose lives revolve around shopping, eating out and taking vacations. They pick at small matters that only concern them and in fact do no harm, and it’s this wasted energy in the Universe that is defining society and how it functions. Having to deal with these tiring Souls who are petty can be hard work mentally. In the physical realm I wasn’t gifted with much, but had the basics. Most people (including my immediate family) are young souls, and perhaps my role is to help them to learn, because I have been the anchor for all of them since I was a toddler. The spiritual side of me wants to see this as fulfilling, but if I am being honest it’s tiring, mainly unappreciated, and frustrating. It’s a little like an employee who don’t like their bosses but who are stuck with them and put up with it. I’m also going to be honest in that I don’t actually like any of my family, yet I tolerate them and feel responsible for them. There are moments that I stop and let them fall, but then I have to pick up the pieces and so I create more work for myself. That is my emptiness within—that what I do for others, they will not understand or see it.

Being an Old or Ancient Soul is lonely because no one can truly see what really matters, and why I do prefer to be alone to find some solace and balance in knowing what I do is for the bigger picture. An Ancient Soul sees darkness, although they are not attracted to it, at times it can balance things and ground them so they see the reality of what is really around them. In other words, it puts things into perspective, that what many people (not Souls) focus on is meaningless in the long term, and what they don’t focus on could be meaningful in the long term.

For example, people focus on what they look like and while looking clean and tidy is necessary, I’m talking about plastic surgery and the bikini body obsessions that let’s face it when you are dead and buried really isn’t going to matter. Even in a subsequent incarnation it won’t matter because you will have a different body and appearance. Maybe they focus on say being frugal? One hears of people dying and leaving millions while they made do with their living standards or ate frugally. Again, what is the point, while one doesn’t encourage extravagance, what is the point of eating cheap unhealthy food and leaving money to the taxman and to charity? It’s a choice, but is it wise one? Learning to be frugal is necessary for some people, but it does boil down to being controlled by the material and allowing it to define your choices.

Ironically, what people choose not to focus on because they don’t see any immediate benefit is what could help them to grow. An example is learning to be humble; now often there is a choice to be humble, ignorant, or arrogant in a given situation. Many will subconsciously pick the most advantageous option, which may not always be the best in the long term. People don’t usually stop to think about the long-term implications, but a Soul that has awakened can see the relevance.

There is always the easy option, the right thing to do, or the option that provides benefits. At times that can mean missing out on physical realm things, or having those around you criticizing or shunning you. Some won’t understand, because they feel their choice is better. Even if you try to explain it to them, they won’t always listen, but remember, you don’t have to justify your own actions. For many, they cannot see the bigger picture right now, but when they transition they will be reminded of the options they had, and the real reasons for their choice. One thing I will tell you is that choosing to do the right and moral thing is something that will remain with the Soul eternally, but to get to that stage some errors will be made, for that is how one learns.

I hope you can see that much of what society focuses on isn’t conducive to Soul Growth, or that less emphasis is put upon things that actually do matter. I see so much pettiness around me when it really doesn’t matter—if it doesn’t harm or affect another, then it shouldn’t matter. It’s hard to ignore and endure at times when it’s repetitive. Maybe it’s about control? However control is about ego when it concerns others. As for my own immediate family, they are uninspiring young souls that all seek control of others. I let them think that for an easier time, but every now and then I put the brakes on and it shocks them. I will endure my mother’s pettiness as I have done my entire life (there was a spell of not seeing or speaking for a decade or so for my own sanity), tolerate my father’s frugal nature despite the fact he knows he can’t take his money with him and in the space of two years he has nearly died in hospital, and my brother’s arrogance in that he blames someone or something else for anything that goes wrong. I accept this, but I don’t find it useful to me, but I cannot change the vision of those who are blind to what they need to learn and focus on.

I try to think what do I gain from this spiritually—okay, my tolerance and patience levels have been tested to the limit, and I can see that some Souls simply cannot learn even with the best Guides and Mentors around them. I have learned that the Soul must want to learn before they can be taught, and be ready. I have little more to learn from them, yet they have more to learn from me and it’s hard work. I question if I must stay to guide those who cannot see what they need to in order to grow. It’s not looking as if it’s a great deal for me; however, the contracts will end when one side will transition (it’s either me or them).

A teacher gains fulfillment from the success of their students, or that they have been able to help. When that doesn’t happen, it can seem like a failure, but can a teacher be responsible for a student that doesn’t wish to learn? That is my emptiness within, and my struggle to maintain my morals, ethics, and integrity in a realm where many cannot see the long-term benefits. For many they want to know, “What’s in it for me?” or they aren’t interested. This is why Old and Ancient Souls prefer not to reincarnate; for them the emptiness and loneliness can feel like failure. Trying to see a lack of success not as a failure isn’t easy, and that is another lesson I am learning—that my existence is also for others, and while I must endure and tolerate a lonely emptiness within, that is one of my Soul Purposes. I will openly admit I yearn for more inspiring Souls around me, and that financial stability would make a small difference, yet I also know my time here is transient and it won’t matter soon. An incarnation can be an endurance test for Ancient Souls, and so I will indulge in some familiar old texts that help fill the emptiness.

Some Ancient Soul Musings

The start of a New Year usually is a relief to many when we see all the predictable ads for gyms, and the stores laden with fitness gadgets, yet people still buy into it! This year I feel will be unsettled, and while we leave behind 2016; a year with a high death count of the well-known, I see that as a mere taster for what is to come. People die, we know that, and the sheer volume of well-known deaths in the past year reminds us that life is transient and death is inevitable. One always wonders whether the Souls concerned had achieved all their goals, or that the ones they were seeking were not longer possible.

One of the best things that has happened is my reconnection with an old spiritual friend, whom I hope will share some of her amazing art work and thoughts here. She was around when I was reawakening, and we’ve been through some tough times together and supported one another. I’ve also been reminded with my recent charge, that we can’t save everyone, and even when lessons are obvious to a Lightworker, it’s not apparent to the charge. I decided to spell out the lesson, and then asked my charge last night if she had learned. She agreed I was right, but said she hadn’t learned her lesson. At that point I stated that it was pointless helping someone if they are not willing to learn, phrased as a rhetorical question. Today the charge is in hospital, and maybe then they will see the importance of learning, rather than seeing her actions as juvenile determination (she is 67, but physical age has no bearing on Soul Age). My words may have been cruel in the eyes of some, but honest and direct; I told her she doesn’t have a broken leg that can be healed, but a deteriorating terminal illness and that she needs to take responsibility and accept that.

As an Ancient Soul, it can be frustrating watching and listening to others make errors that can be avoided. While some ask for advice, the problem is you can’t tell people what they need to discover through experience. How can you know that love can lead to heartbreak when you have never truly experienced it, or how it feels or how to react when someone has betrayed you? No book or agony aunt can tell you how to feel, but can advise you on your options. On a spiritual forum that I sometimes frequent, I have noticed more arrogant members and egotistical posts, and indeed the admins seem to carry that same attitude. It does concern me that people behave in such a manner and think it’s normal or acceptable, but it reminds me that each Soul learns in their own way and at their own pace. It is best to ignore those who are not ready to listen or seek help; what they consider to be help is not usually the help that is offered. Assistance comes in many forms, but those who want short cut answers will be oblivious to what is in front of them. No one is entitled to help, but some assume they have a right to it. Help is offered as and when, and if that person feels the other will benefit. Just because I know and can help, doesn’t mean that I must or will. That is called discernment and free will, as well as being sensible. Why would I wish to help someone who is rude and disrespectful, because all it does is feed their ego, which doesn’t help with their soul growth and takes up my time and energy?

Spiritualism appears to be more commercial as people look for answers, reasons, and blame for why things have happened. Often these people who are dissatisfied with their lot and need someone or something to blame, and spiritualism is not the answer. Many don’t wish to hear things unless it suits them, therefore, why do they ask the question if they don’t want to hear the answer? I always say, don’t ask unless you are ready and prepared to hear the truth. However, reading what many consider to be normal allows me to respond to their behaviors in my own writings, and reminds me that there are many folks who assume they are spiritual (because they have read a few books and can quote others), and perhaps they are in their own minds. The Spiritual Path doesn’t always reveal answers, but it enables one to ask the right questions.

My own path is a little weary, and while I see the world in disarray, the USA is about to validate a dangerous and unworthy leader. Power can be dangerous, and while many people adopt the ‘let’s wait and see’ approach and hope to be surprised, the wise will look at damage limitation. Right now, Narnia seems to be a better place to be. Humanity seems to make the same mistakes over and over again, and isn’t learning…

Are You Too Young To Be Spiritual?

At what age should spiritualism be explained or introduced to a Soul? To some people it’s seen as hokey cokey and woo woo stuff, and to others it is a way of life, or being spiritual has a meaning to them. I wasn’t brought up with spiritual people around me—religious yes, but not spiritual, and my becoming spiritual was a conscious choice I made around my mid-thirties.

However, it wasn’t as if I suddenly decided I was going to be spiritual overnight. That isn’t to say that I didn’t have spiritual experiences from an early age, because I did—I just didn’t understand them. It was a slow and gradual process, where I faced doubts and challenges until things started to form a picture that made sense only to me. I do have concerns over new Souls that are introduced to spirituality and a spiritual way of life too early on, and not being given a choice to follow that path. There is a difference between being shown a spiritual way, and only knowing a spiritual way of life. Each of us should make a conscious decision and understand the implications of what spirituality entails before we accept it as a way of life. Of course people do dabble in spirituality, and follow some beliefs and not others, and while that can lead to a spiritual path, it is still a choice.

It also depends on what you define as spiritual. People who use tarot cards, runes, numerology, astrology, or meditation may see that as spiritual, and the media may classify it as such. I don’t see the need to classify, and I know people who meditate and who follow astrology that aren’t particularly spiritual in my opinion. I’ve spoken to some people who told me they were brought up surrounded by spirituality due to a parent being a tarot card reader or psychic, but is that right to expect a child to accept your beliefs and chosen way of life? Shouldn’t it be a choice each person makes when they have the facts available to them? Some of them consider this to be helpful and feel they are more spiritually experienced, but have they really chosen or not?

In hindsight, if someone explained to me what spirituality was, what the things I saw were, or that my Soul was a reincarnation of another Soul as a five-year-old, would it have helped or hindered me? I can only speak from my own experience, and I don’t think it would have been fair on my growth or the innocence of my childhood. Spirituality is a serious topic and not one that a child can fully grasp, even if they have intuitive gifts. Perhaps having someone to guide them rather than to expect them to be spiritual is a better way to do things? Somehow I knew what I saw, heard, and felt was something not to be discussed, and it was for me to discover—it was my journey, and I had to choose the pace and when I wanted to embark on it, or postpone it.

I have met a couple of teenagers who I knew were spiritual, yet I chose not to say too much to them because they needed to discover things for themselves. Becoming spiritual at a young physical age can cause damage and confusion when one hasn’t experienced things, or grows to expect things through manifestation or other means. Spirituality owes us nothing, and the general premise is that some of us have the ability to see things beyond the human perception. It’s possible, but one must remember that there are always several probable outcomes and nothing is definitive. Having too high spiritual expectations negates the spiritual path, and that is one of the problems those who are new on the path face. Mass media promotes all kind of promises, and spiritual websites tell people if they do x, y, or z then this can happen. That is simply not true, as there is a greater power out there that has already laid out the paths to choose from.

One can be old physically, yet spiritually young as they awaken later in life, or a physically young person could be brought up in a spiritual family, but not actually be spiritual at all, except on the surface. People can also be spiritual without any gifts—I have friends who are spiritual and have no gifts they are aware of or limited gifts. They tend to see themselves as less spiritual when they are not. Having a gift doesn’t automatically confer spiritual rights. In my considered opinion, it would be irresponsible to encourage a child to follow spirituality unless they need guidance with their gifts, or to expect them to follow a spiritual way of life with no choice. That moves into cult territory, and which is why people see spirituality as a cult or as brainwashing. I don’t blame them either, which is why spiritual people who are parents should not force their beliefs onto their children. It’s like a parent choosing which religion a child should follow; traditionally they follow the religion and politics of the parent, but is that fair or right? Often when children are able to understand the differences they make their own choice (or rebel) and the same should be for spiritual beliefs. Guide, don’t dictate, and allow a spiritual path to be a conscious and informed decision.

Souls That Seek Justice

Souls that haven’t transitioned due to an unnatural death are often the ones that are earthbound and stuck. Maybe they were murdered and it was made to look like an accident, perhaps no one noticed they were missing and were told that they had gone off to travel. These Souls tend to be fragile, and are apprehensive about trusting anyone to help them let alone to actually ask for help. Even when they do ask for help, the Sensitive may have limited time and resources, and Soul are not conscious of that fact.

Not all Souls seek justice because they will have been healed when they transition, and karmic plans will have been made to rebalance events. It also depends on what occurred, and whether each party bore some responsibility, as many times that will even things out and there will be minimal karmic debt on both sides. Often it is the young and confused Soul who will seek justice before they transition.

Young Souls struggle to communicate clearly during an incarnation, and while they transition. In these cases the Sensitive must guide the Soul to show them how they can help. This can be hard, as Young Souls are impetuous, rash, and often hasty in their actions. Making them stop and listen is a challenge in itself. They then may fear the Sensitive will stop helping them when there is no progress or if is slow. They still lack the ability to understand that things cannot be rushed when external players are involved.

Here is a mini guide for Sensitives who help Souls who wish to pursue and find justice for closure, and also for Souls who may struggle in articulating what help they need.

  • The Soul must ask for help. The Sensitive must ask them if that is what they want, as some Souls aren’t sure and just want to talk to anyone that will listen. Assisting takes a great deal of energy and isn’t something to be taken on lightly.
  • Trust has to be gained on both sides. The Soul needs to know that the Sensitive believes them, and can and will help. In turn the Sensitive has to trust the Soul truly needs help for justice and not for revenge.
  • The Sensitive must be free to say yes or no. A Soul cannot expect just because a Sensitive can hear them that they must help.
  • When the Soul sends messages, they must be as clear as possible, and use repetition if necessary. This is because if a message is vague, it doesn’t help and may lead to the Sensitive in the wrong direction. Trying to piece things together is not easy, and may lead to the Sensitive having to stop any further aid if the partnership isn’t working out.
  • A Soul must learn patience. If a message has not been understood, find another way, but rather than rush, build up information slowly so it makes chronological sense.
  • In the case of trying to understand what a Soul needs closure on, the Soul must start at the beginning and tell the Sensitive how things transpired. Many Young Souls rush to the incident rather than explain why things happened. This is important, as if the Sensitive has a clearer picture, they are able to interpret messages more clearly. For example, they may show who harmed them, but if they don’t show why or how, it is difficult to then prove whether it was planned or accidental. Maybe others were involved too, so a complete and clearer picture is needed to aid the Sensitive.
  • A Sensitive should use direct questions with the Soul when they need clarification. I use Tarot Cards (with Young Souls) as certain cards can represent the people involved, or how the Soul feels about someone. A question I ask often; Is X someone to be trusted? and if a card like the Devil appears then no, they are not trustworthy.
  • Communication is important as the Sensitive may need to ask the Soul things that they had not considered relevant. Often a Soul will relive their last moments, or show what they miss in life, or the people that can be trusted. When Souls are in pain, they are not always rational or logical and direct questions may have to be repeated more than once to get an answer.

Helping a Soul on either realm, be it the physical or spiritual one is never quick or easy. It requires patience and trust. In my case I do speak to those who ask for my assistance and say directly if they want my help, they must help me by guiding me and directing me to the right information, place or people. Like all relationships it takes time, and sometimes I do have to put things on hold for spiritual cases because I have issues on the physical realm to deal with. Soon a bond will build and communication will become easier; when you ask for a message, a certain card will be shown, or a name, place or date will appear randomly when you are online, on television, or if you are reading something. With my current case, the Soul kept showing me the Page of Swords, and I thought he meant a young man would be the one to ask with the answers. In fact, later when I asked another more direct question, it was the young man who had been responsible.

Interpreting messages from vulnerable Souls that are trapped and are in pain requires a higher degree of patience. In turn, Souls that ask for help must accept that a Sensitive is still limited in what they can do, and that it is teamwork—to work together to find justice and allow the Soul to transition and to heal properly.

©2016. S. T. Alyvn.