Can You Fire A Guide Or Cut Ties With Spirit?

While many people hanker or look for signs and messages from Spirit—some read too much into them, and there are the few that wish to ignore the signs. You may ask is that spiritual, and the answer would be ‘yes’ in my opinion, because we all have free will to choose what to do with a message. Signs occur when we need them; either Spirit or a Guide will strategically use them when a Soul veers off course, or the Soul will have planted them before the incarnation in the knowledge that they knew they might require some nudges and triggers. Naturally when they occur the Soul should feel relieved and make sense of what the signs mean. However, there will be those rare times when a Soul just wants to ignore the signs because they have temporarily lost faith in them, or they need a break because they are being overwhelmed. You see when a sign appears, it should encourage, but it can also have an adverse effect and demotivate a Soul.

Not all angel numbers will result in something exceptional, symbols may give hope, but again what if nothing transpires? Are people clutching at straws or expecting too much? This morning I couldn’t sleep and tossed and turned. I had no idea what time it was and reached for my phone, which is usually off, but it was on and it was 4:44. Now some would rejoice at seeing one of the most transformative angel numbers, yet I groaned. I was weary, and also tired of seeing numbers that may give me false hope. I later realized it was a sign that my subsequent visions would be important, and I won’t go into detail, but they weren’t sweet or pleasant dreams. I woke up exhausted and disturbed, so did I really want to see that 4:44 to advise me of the crucial messages, or would it have been better if I hadn’t see the signs?

There are things we can’t avoid, and free will cannot prevent messages from being sent. Unlike an email or letter on the physical plane that you can choose to open, you can’t choose not to hear or see a message from Spirit, although you maybe oblivious to it or choose to consciously ignore it. Some may say you can block messages, and you can block contact from spirits because they need permission to communicate with you. However, is that the same for Spirit and your Guides where you have given them permission to communicate with you eternally before you incarnate? Should you block them, and can you?

It’s a tough question to answer with no valid evidence to back it up. It’s like firing a Guide or choosing to cut ties with Spirit, and is that even wise to consider? I’ve read of people falling out with their Guides or wanting to replace them, but think about it—what do they gain, surely they are acting in your best interests whether you believe it or not. Often it’s because a Guide tells them what they don’t wish to hear, or cannot help them in their desired choices because it is not their path. That is why the Law of Attraction is flawed, and something I caution against as it enables one to believe they can alter Fate and predestined events. If Souls had the choice to dismiss Guides, then it would create an unstable spiritual vortex, because as we can see on the physical plane, Souls can make poor and prejudiced decisions.

In the grand scheme of things, the relationship between a Soul and a Guide can take time to nurture, especially for younger souls. Like most things, one should be patient and don’t forget Guides are chosen with consent before an incarnation, so it isn’t a random act, but one that was planned and agreed. Guides convey messages in different ways and that is why only that Soul will know whether it is a message from them. It would be unwise and arrogant to demand an alternative Guide without considering why they have opted for certain paths. They may also be a Guide in training, although they usually are allocated shorter phases and work under supervision. It’s a little like a learner driver, you should give them a chance because one day that maybe you.

Guides do step back, and many are there only for a phase or a specific event and will then go. As for Spirit, I don’t believe you can cut ties, but if you don’t wish to hear what they have to say, then they will remain quiet for a period in the background until you are ready to listen again. When you reach a level where you can can hear and see signs without hesitation and know immediately what they mean, it can be a slightly different situation depending on what is happening in your incarnation. Sometimes there are warnings, other times there are messages of encouragement, or ones of validation. Interpreting them and making them applicable comes with experience and that is something you cannot be taught. You may read books, listen to lectures, but it’s that innate connection where the unspoken conveys something only that Soul will understand if they are open to it. That does become an issue if the Soul is reluctant to accept the message. You can ignore a message, and you have that free will, but you cannot unknow what you consciously knew.

Maybe you choose not to act on it, so will those messages continue or will Spirit allow you to decide what to do with the message? It’s like opening an email, reading it and not responding to it until you are ready, maybe you star or flag it for later, or choose to delete it? If you choose to delete, do you leave it there to come back to, or do you empty the trash immediately? Then you must ask why? Is it something you don’t want to address, or that you are so tired of the messages that you need to delete them to regain some kind of control? None of the options are wrong, because we should have that freedom to decide. How many times have you gone to the delete folder and retrieved something? With a message, can you truly erase it from your memory, or do you archive it so far back and bury it?

I feel the best way to address this is to tell your Guides that you need a break, or that you don’t have the energy to focus on other things right now. The problem is that physical realm issues appear more urgent such as appointments, paying the bills on time, or meeting a deadline. These all take up time and energy and leaves little left for any spiritual work or thought. Balancing an incarnation in both realms is much harder than most imagine; my inbox here on the physical realm is full of flags and stars, and my spiritual inbox has been overflowing for quite some time. I have had no choice but to delete a few messages, and archive some, and while new ones keep surfacing, yes I wish I could ignore some of them, but sadly I know I can’t. I write this with a deep sigh, and I know I shouldn’t.

My Guides have given me short breaks, and I had asked them before I incarnated to step back, hence when I do receive messages and signs I know they must be pertinent and urgent. It also means that I do get limited support because that’s what I requested. One should never rely too heavily on messages and signs, and in that I mean those who make decisions based purely on what they wish to interpret. Messages and signs are there to make us think, not only about what we choose to do, but also how we evolve and perceive all that is around us. While at times we may feel a need to disconnect, other times it happens naturally. However, no Soul is ever truly disconnected because a connection will always exist, even if it is faint and in the distance.


Interpreting Messages, Signs, and Symbols

How do you know when a Guide or an Angel has sent you a message? There is no simple answer to this, because each message, whether it be a vision, sign, or symbol (this includes repeating numbers, phrases, and words, or hearing the same song played), is individually tailored to the Soul. Very often signs get missed, which is why when you do see repetitions that’s a clue that it maybe a sign. If see the same numbers, that may have a meaning, or if you keep meeting people with the same name, or you hear the name of a place constantly, then it’s very probable that is a message. Once you establish it is a message, you then have to decipher what it means.

This is the tricky part, and only you will know what it really means. You may not know straightaway, but eventually you will understand why the message was given, and its importance. Places, names, and symbols all have different meanings to us as to what we associate with them; therefore there is no single interpretation. For example if a gas fire appeared in a vision, to some people it may represent issues to do with the home, or indicate a message of security. However, in my case it would indicate a time of danger and to be cautious due to what I associate with a gas fire. As a child when there were blackouts, the only source of light and heat was the gas fire, and I sat in the dark with my brother, scared (as we were left alone) and hiding, because there had been a burglary a couple of weeks before.

When you hear certain songs, perhaps the lyrics convey a message and the radio just happens to be on, someone sings it when you are in a coffee shop, or the song plays when you are in a store? Even when you know that it’s a message, you still have free will to decide what to do with it—act on it, or think about it. Sometimes a message will take a while to decipher—weeks, months, and possibly years. I look back and realize how many signs I had missed, but at the time I wouldn’t have known what to do with the message. They are triggers, but sometimes with earthly distractions we don’t notice them.

Messages, signs, and symbols are little nudges—hints at what is the best path to take. It doesn’t mean that things will happen automatically, but is like having the door opened; you still have to choose to walk through it and to look inside. Too many people cling to the 11:11 awakening number and anticipate things will happen automatically. What these symbols represent is that there is an opportunity or change coming up and to be aware of it. I have had many signs and symbols, and some things did occur, and others may have without me consciously noticing. The important thing is not to cling to them and to wait and see what happens—that’s not the purpose of them. Messages come to those who need guidance because either they need a lift, or they need some advice as to which direction to go in.

The best way to interpret signs, symbols, and messages is to be aware of your surroundings, and take note of things that seem to happen randomly (they don’t except for a reason) and what you hear. Piece them together and consider what they mean to you, and what the message may relate to. It maybe something that you have tried not to think about, or that you thought had been resolved. Other times symbols show you where you need to go, or where your focus should be. Another example is when you see items like a piece of fruit—the message maybe in the name of the fruit, or how you feel about the fruit. Once I had a vision of an orange, but I had no idea what it meant, as I don’t eat or like oranges; I thought it might mean to go to Orange County, or a town called Orange (Connecticut), but I found myself retracing some of my Guides steps, only to find I was walking along Orange Street. I found out later, my Guide was known for pacing up and down Orange Street when he worked nearby, waiting for the ships to dock. That was his way of reconfirming who he was to me at the time. So you can see symbols can mean different things for each of us, therefore we must try to clear the mind to allow the symbols to form a coherent pattern, so that we can understand the full message, and not just the odd word or sentence. Realistically, many of us only get a few words or a phrase, and then have to figure out the rest, so don’t be disappointed if the message is partial or cryptic. That’s the norm.

Notice the signs, and take note of the message that is being sent. However, do not cling to them or expect things to occur because they have appeared. Sometimes signs can be misinterpreted as well as being missed, and later signs may arrive more directly to help interpret them, as well as being repeated to make it more obvious. When one is blocked, signs may seem oblivious, or things are so clouded they aren’t visible. In these cases, messages may occur when the body is resting during sleep, and signs and symbols will appear in dreams. That’s another way the Spiritual Realm can help guide us, even when we are unaware or blocked with doubt or negativity. Connecting to the Higher Self helps enormously here, as they can help interpret the messages, and that can be through a feeling or a thought. Don’t doubt yourself or your intuition; it is more powerful than an online search or guidebook. Signs are markers to guide us, and to reassure us that we are on the right path, or to advise us if we need to change direction.

©2016. S.T. Alvyn.

Missing Post Office: Where you can send an eternal message

On an island called Awashima, near Hiroshima in South West Japan is the ‘Missing Post Office’, where all letters that have no destination arrive, like an International Poste Restante. Sometimes people need to write a letter, to ask for forgiveness, to say something to a family member you never met, tell a pet how much you loved them, give advice to an older or younger self, or maybe to tell someone something you never found the courage to. It doesn’t matter. Physically writing something down eases a burden, but also allows us to express ourselves. We may have journals to write in, but sometimes one needs to feel a letter has made a journey, and that the message has been conveyed. When Souls struggle to ask for forgiveness because that person has passed—there is now a destination for that letter. Maybe no one on earth will physically read it, but its existence can send the vibrations throughout the Universe.

It all began in 2013 during the Setouchi Triennale (an art festival) in Japan where ‘Missing Post Office’ was a work of art by the artist Saya Kubota (who owns the copyright of all letters, thus you transfer them to her when you post them). Over 10,000 letters have been received so far, originally it was supposed to last the month of the art festival, but the old Post Office decided to keep it open and accept more letters. Every second and fourth Saturday of the month between 13:00 and 16:00, the Missing Post Office is open to the public, so that they can read these letters, and it’s here where you can also send your letters. You don’t need to put your name or return address; it will find it’s way there.


Awashima 1317-2, Takuma-cho,
Mitoyo-shi, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan 769-1108

Until 22 February 2016, in collaboration with the Daiwa Foundation, letters can posted in the UK, and read at;

Missing Post Office UK c/o
The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
Daiwa Foundation Japan House
13/14 Cornwall Terrace (Outer Circle)
London NW1 4QP

The caretaker is retired Postmaster Katsuhisa Nakata, who carefully reads and looks after the letters that arrive. This may have started as an art project, but has turned into a sanctuary of peace, where people can express their emotions, get some closure on issues, and feel that their message has been received somehow. Poste Restante was what travelers and explorers used to get their mail before the Internet existed. In each major town or city, the Post Office can hold mail for those without an address. If you put off writing a letter because you had nowhere to send it, now you can.

The Eternal Spirit Library: The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is where the thoughts, previous incarnations, Soul Connections, and experiences of each Soul are recorded. If the Soul remembers everything, one may ask why does there need to be a library where everything is stored? While the Soul does remember everything, the Soul can also get damaged (where fragments may get lost or damaged), and having access to the records can help heal the fragment. In addition, all Souls when they reincarnate, temporarily forget their previous lives, in order to learn and achieve goals without prejudice, bias or without any recollections of any trauma that they may have encountered previously. Having a library to access allows assistance should the Soul require it. Young Souls in particular may have difficulty in recalling their past lives, or be able to interpret them correctly; therefore having a record of the Soul can help them on their path if they need healing or experience blockages.

The records can be accessed in a number of ways:

  • The Higher Self will show the Soul the answers to what has been asked if there is a connection.
  • A Sensitive can access the records with the Soul’s permission.
  • A Guide may access them, and send relevant information to the Soul.

The word library is used as a generic term, as the Akashic Records surround us—it is not a huge library or hall with books. The records are not books, but each Soul has a white stone tablet where all the information is stored, inscribed on an infinite tablet. It’s not written in a language that can be translated by those on the physical plane, but instead images (like a video clip) will be shown in response to what information is requested. One must be specific when asking a question, so that the correct information can be shown. I have seen the Akashic Records, and have also accessed them, which are two very different things. Accessing them can occur in a number of ways, often when you dream, or when the frequencies are open and you are communicating with a Guide or the Higher Self. The records are located on a plane in the Spirit Realm, and can be accessed in conjunction with the Higher Self and Guides. Each Soul may access the records if they need to, but only information that is necessary will be shown. Not all Souls have access to the higher frequencies; therefore, they can be accessed through their own Guides or Sensitives.

Such important information is securely guarded, and there are gatekeepers—those to whom you must state your intent to before access is granted. The Higher Self has natural access—therefore, if there is a strong link to the Higher Self, access will be granted. Remember, the Higher Self already has this knowledge (and will show things from their perspective), but sometimes a Soul must see things from another source to fully understand the message conveyed. However, the Higher Self will still control what information will be shown—there must be a valid reason for wishing to know something; for example, there maybe a blockage, or a phobia that needs to be addressed. Access is not granted for those who are merely curious. For those who do not have a strong link to the Higher Self, or are unsure of what they need to ask, they may use an intermediary—a Sensitive. Not all Sensitives can access the Akashic Records, but those who can, maybe better equipped to interpret the information that is shown. The Soul must grant the Sensitive permission to access the records, and may also guide the Soul from the information shown. No one may access the records of another Soul without the Soul giving permission.

I’ve had my records read by a Sensitive and I’ve accessed them myself. It’s always a good reconfirmation when someone interprets the messages and visions similarly. Interpretations will never be the exactly the same with different readers, but how they convey the information also makes a difference. Information is given to guide the Soul and sometimes it can enable closure on issues. It can help explain why there are difficult Soul Connections, or if some adverse Karma is in play why it occurred. Often when a Soul has this knowledge, they are more accepting of what happens, knowing that Karma is being repaid, or that a Soul Contract has been fulfilled.

Accessing the Akashic Records isn’t essential for everyone, as Guides and the Higher Self will automatically access the parts that are necessary. One may delve deeper, but information is only shown when it is in the best interests of the Soul Path. Many people have trouble accessing the records, or don’t realize that they have accessed them. The Akashic Records will only show flashes of information, clues or images to trigger the Soul memories. It does not give definitive yes or no answers, nor does it tell you what you must do, but will advise and give signs for the path ahead. This is a library with limited access, because sometimes you will not get shown the answer to a question—that may mean it is not for you to know, or not right now at least.

©2016. S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.


Angels And Spirit Guides

Many people wonder what the difference between the two are, but often the two overlap and work alongside each other. Angels can be Guides as well, but not all Spirit Guides are Angels.

During each incarnation each Soul will have a main Guide (or a Guardian Angel) that will remain with them throughout and maybe also an Angel. Some might be an ancestor that is in Spirit, or a Guide that has supported the Soul with previous incarnations. A Guide coordinates with the Higher Self of the Soul and send messages and guidance when the Soul needs some direction, or when they are confused and blocked. If things go according to plan and Soul Connections are realized, or the incarnation runs smoothly, the Guide will stand back and observe. Even at times when the Soul may feel the Guide needs to make themselves known, it is possible that it is a Soul Challenge that has been planned and the Guide will allow things to play out naturally in order for the Soul to learn a particular lesson.

There will also be Guides that appear for different phases and leave when that particular phase or challenge has been completed. One may feel a different presence when they arrive and it may take a while for each to adjust to how they communicate with one another. Each Guide will have their own personality; some will be direct and others may have a particular way of communicating with symbols or images. You may feel their presence or hear them; sometimes silence is a message in itself.

Guides make an agreement before an incarnation as to how and when they should step into assist. Young Souls may agree to more interaction, and Old Souls tend to have fewer Guides and less intervention because it will not be needed. Here is where Angels can step in and help out, because Guides cannot overstep their boundaries. If a Soul has asked for a Guide not to intervene in a particular event, but still needs assistance then an Angel can come and assist. As Guides and the Higher Self communicate and work together, there are times when the Soul is blocked and the connection between Guides and the Higher Self is either weak or disconnected. When the Soul is angry, scared, confused or any combination of negativity, the link is broken or communication is blurry. During these periods Angels can take on the role of a temporary Guide until the link is reconnected. In both cases it is like the Principal standing in for the regular teacher when needed. Angels can always be called upon for assistance, but primarily the Guides assigned will assume the role; Angels will work with the Guides and not instead of the Guides.

If a Guide has problems with their charge they may ask other Guides or Angels to assist them. Often this will occur when a Soul goes through a repetition of events and the Soul has stopped listening to the Guide. Step In Guides and Angels can bridge that gap allowing the Soul to complete the planned challenges in the incarnation and can happen with all Soul Ages, but more often the younger ones.

One shouldn’t rely on Guides or Angels and ask them for assistance only when they truly need it. The Soul needs to learn self-reliance, so asking Angels to find your keys because you are in a hurry is not the best use of Angel energy or messages. Remember the frequencies used to send messages are limited, whereas the link with the Higher Self (the part of the Soul in the Spiritual Realm) is constant and helps you to develop your own intuition.

Don’t worry if you don’t get a response from your Guides as they are always there, but maybe there are things you can work out yourself, or the answer is there and you can’t see it. Maybe it’s not the answer or outcome you desire, but is what you had planned and had forgotten. Many Guides help teach the Soul this, like a parent letting a baby walk by themselves, nearby to help, but wishing them to be independent and to stand on their own feet.

Guides are like teachers and what they know is confidential, so they will not give information out unless you have given permission. This is why Sensitives ask permission before a reading. Those that don’t could still read the Soul, but a Guide would not allow someone unauthorized to access any information. It would be like allowing a stranger into your home and letting them to look through your things. Giving permission for a Sensitive to channel your Guides or Higher Self is like inviting a guest in temporarily to visit, so choose wisely.

In the Spirit Realm, the Guides and the Higher Self of others all communicate together, so it is possible for the Higher Self of Souls to communicate, but again with permission or to pass on a message. I have had the Guides of others that have asked me to intervene and assist, so sometimes if you are a Lightworker you may get a message from the Guide of the charge you are helping with. This would be temporary and it is to help you help them in the best possible way. You could compare it to an unresolved police case where the original police officer involved explains the case, and gives the new team guidance on what they have done and what they could try next.

The important thing to remember is Guides will not make decisions for you; they can guide but not tell you what to do. They may know the best path for you and encourage you in that direction, but each Soul must find their own path. Angels and Guides assist only when they are needed, and are always there even if you can’t feel or hear them. Everyone has different ways of communicating; praying, writing, singing, or talking to them. They in turn have different ways of replying, often when the Soul is resting in dreams, or signs and symbols. Look out for answers, as they may appear when you least expect it.

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